Safety is at the forefront of all of Sea Design's operations. Whether our technicians and pilots are operating robotic technology in the air, on the ground, or underwater, Sea Design puts safety first.

Our Employees

All Sea Design employees are thoroughly trained, licensed, and credentialed for the project. They follow our rigorous in-house safety policies as well as those of our clients. Sea Design outfits employees with the latest personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensures their compliance with all client safety processes. We have extensive experience with:

  • Daily Job Safety Analyses forms (JSAs)
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Permits to Work (PTW)

Because our employees come to the site trained and ready to work safely, using Sea Design's services is seamless, and you can rest assured that our staff will maintain your high safety standards.

Your Employees

Sea Design works with your onsite staff to make sure all existing safety protocols are followed and to create any additional protocols needed for the project.

Additionally, since our robotic vehicles enter possibly hazardous spaces within your project, your employees don't have to. This dramatically lowers risk to your personnel and helps eliminates risk of workplace incidents and possibility of human injury.