UAV/Drone Work

Sea Design's fleet of drones and certified and licensed drone pilots provide a variety of services and deliverables to diverse clients.

Mapping and Modeling

Using advanced technology such as LiDAR and photogrammetry, Sea Design can create up-to-date maps and models of virtually any jobsite or property. Maps and models can be tailored to client needs—from capturing basic topography to creating detailed 3D models that chronicle progress of a construction project.

Sea Design's mapping and modeling services range from simple provision of raw data to complex data analysis and solutions.

Inspection Services

Timely inspections ensure a project meets projections, but in some cases, physical inspections can be costly—and even dangerous. Drone technology can provide extremely detailed inspections without putting people in harm's way. Sea Design works directly with site personnel to inspect a variety of structures, equipment, and locations. Inspections can be livestreamed to onsite personnel or to management or investors in offsite locations. Inspection services can also be conducted in tandem with photogrammetry or LiDAR to provide highly detailed images and data.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance can be achieved quickly and easily with unmanned aerial vehicles. Sea Design's experienced pilots can perform stormwater assessment and monitoring, silt runoff assessment, environmental audits, wildlife monitoring, and a range of other environmental compliance services.

Stockpile Monitoring

Drones can make monitoring stockpile volume far easier than manual methods. The latest technology can quickly and accurately measure stockpiles while keeping employees out of hazardous areas.

Infrared Services

Sea Design harnesses the power of infrared systems to access some of the hardest to reach places on earth. Huge land masses and bodies of water can quickly and easily be scanned to find "hotspots" such as bird nests, equipment failures, or infrastructure damage.

Custom Solutions

Sea Design works with clients across multiple industries to customize drone technology and put it to work in a variety of applications. Don't see the project you are envisioning listed here? Contact us for more information about custom solutions to put our drones and pilots to work for you.